Help to Restore Dunans Castle


In Scotland

Own a souvenir plot of land

Choose to be called

Laird, Lord or Lady of Dunans Castle


Laird, Lord or Lady of Chaol Ghlean

Help us to make the castle, a public place where will be organised exhibitions, theater, concerts… Help us revive the castle where only Lairds, Lords and Ladies can stay.

Watch online the improvement. Come plant trees in the 100 hectares that surround the castle, come and fish in the river, come and enjoy the surrounding calm.



The Works

The Estate



With your courtesy title, you will receive a personalized certificate with its wax stamp; a folder; the location of your plot, a voucher for a free guided tour, fishing rights and more!

The castle is located in

Glendaruel, Colintraive PA22 3AD, Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Its GPS coordinates are

56°04’21.0″N 5°08’58.6″W

Become Laird, Lord or Lady!


Join the community of Lovers of Scotland and its jewels. Enjoy a virtual tour thanks to our application while waiting to visit us.

Specially designed for the project, Dunans Rising Tartan fabric products are made in Scotland.

Become Laird, Lord or Lady!

Together, we have the power to improve the future of our children.

Scotland is one of the most deforested countries in Western Europe.

Many sitka spruce forests native to North America have been planted very tightly for the forest industry.

The darkness and acidity of the land generated is detrimental to the biodiversity of the Highlands.

Participate in the planting of endemic trees.


Recently, the castle benefits from an area of a hundred hectares.


In order to restore biodiversity, many species of trees will be planted and… maybe one in your name?


Offer or offer a gift that can be passed on to future generations.

Become Laird, Lord or Lady!