Dunans Castle


I want this to be a surprise, how can I do it?

If the purchase is for someone else, please make sure the delivery address is in their name. Either you wish to receive the order and you indicate your own address in delivery or you indicate the address of the future owner and we will send the order with a card inside that will indicate “This package has been prepared for you on behalf of purchaser’s name


If you have a particular message or if you have other instructions to communicate to us, send us an email, we will do our best to satisfy you.


How much of my purchase is for the restoration of Dunans?

It depends on the formula you choose. Most of the time, 50% of the funds are used for buildings and smaller portions for the park and bridge to ensure access.


What will I own?


A square foot (1 square foot, 30.48cm x 30.48cm) of souvenir plot at the back of the castle of Dunans. Access to this plot can only be done on foot, it is accessible without restriction. Your plot of land will be identified by a number on your certificate of ownership and will be marked on a plan of this area from the Château de Dunans. For more information, please consult our general conditions of sale.


Can I call myself Lord?

Lord and Laird are, in the strict sense of semiology, the same kind of person, namely a landowner. Which implies that sites that tell you you can call yourself Lord are right. It is perfectly legal to choose to call yourself Lord of Dunans Castle, however, this title has no legal value (like all courtesy/decorative titles).

To become a Lord in the sense of those recognized by Lord Lyons’ Court (i.e. conferred by the King), you must be a Lord by right of blood, or become one in recognition of services to the Crown (such as some British politicians).


To my knowledge, there is another way which is to buy an English Barony title. These are rare, usually sold at auction in the form of “Lord or Lady of the Manor of XXXX” and cost several thousand pounds.


Not being any experts in this field, we are always happy to have opinions from competent people.

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