The Domaine

Dunans Castle


The course inaugurated in June 2006

Whether you are interested in Argyll’s flora and fauna, landscaping, Victorian gardens or the restoration of historic buildings, you will enjoy this walk.

The path begins at the bridge of Dunans and makes a loop allowing you to discover the 6 hectares that made up the estate at that time.

You will be greeted by wild hyacinths and daffodils in early spring and then a magnificent collection of rododhendrons and azaleas with shimmering colors at certain times of the year, will seduce you.


Here you can admire many exotic trees as well as one of the tallest trees in the UK. The Douglas Fir tree named Stronardron Fir looks at you proudly from the top of its 63.79 meters (209 feet). It had its moment of glory in 2009 when it was measured by Chris Hunter of Sparsholt College and obtained the title of tallest tree in the United Kingdom just ahead of Blair Castle in Perthshire. It has since been dethroned but that does not take away from its beauty!

You will appreciate the daily presence of birds and could surprise a golden eagle!

Signposts have been put up to facilitate your walk.

The river

Alt a choal Gheann

To know the pronunciation!

It is one of the 3 tributaries of the Ruel River.

The bridge of Dunans from the top of its 15 meters, overlooks the river Alt a Chaol Ghleann which swirls and descends a wide ravine dotted with rocks.

You will be able to walk along the two kilometers of shore and discover the pools where it is good to relax.

Rich in salmon, fishermen will appreciate this peaceful place, like a hidden gem enjoying a micro climate.



The Woodland

Since November 2020, the castle of Dunans has recovered part of its forest!

About 100 additional hectares are now part of the castle.

It should be noted that at the time of Colonel Archibald Fletcher, the estate included 3000 acres or just over 1200 hectares!

There are about twenty hectares of commercial forest, twenty hectares of native forest called the Caledonian forest, and about 60 hectares of bare land.

This acquisition will create a second access to the castle. Its access and work will be facilitated.

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